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Read “A tale of two schools: Student veterans find their space on campus” by Jeff Severns Guntzel, Senior reporter, Public Insight Network (April 1, 2013)

Special Report: Veterans


Embracing a new mission

Veterans who are students at Vanguard University
Veterans connect on campus, in the classroom with guidance and support from Veterans Resource Centers at Orange County colleges and universities.

As Orange County veterans come home from war, they face a new mission: the successful transition from military life to civilian career. Many need to cross an educational bridge before landing a good job, but entering college after combat is no easy charge.

Most military service members bring to class exceptional skills, experiences, and resilience. Having faced war, trauma, and death, some veterans can also bring deep scars and dark memories.
The past always has the potential to derail the future.

At Orange County colleges and universities, Veterans Resource Centers are helping student veterans stay on track. Staff skilled in academic advising, financial aid, VA benefits, peer support, and more help veterans move successfully from application to graduation to employment. After service members adjust to new ways of living and learning on campus, they are equipped—both educationally and psychologically—to move forward with confidence and strength.

Mission accomplished.