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Special Report: Veterans

Health & Wellness

Healing the Wounds of War

Two girls.Some wounds of war are obvious: amputations, burns and lacerations leave unmistakable evidence of injury and trauma. Other wounds, just as crippling, are completely invisible. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury can make it difficult, sometimes impossible, for veterans to take care of themselves and their families. Adding insult to the injury, many veterans experience an intolerable gap between their return from combat and their access to VA health benefits.

To help fill that gap for Orange County veterans, the Mariposa Women and Family Center offers a range of affordable, supportive services to veterans and their families. More than 93 percent of Mariposa’s clients, including many veterans who are waiting for VA benefits, would not be able to afford private counseling at full price.

The skilled professionals at Mariposa help veterans and their families untangle the tight knots of depression, anxiety, grief, substance abuse, anger management, domestic violence, and parenting difficulties that are common after tours of duty involving active combat and extreme trauma.