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Our Orange County

The dream and the reality

A dream destination for visitors and residents alike, Orange County has much to offer. Sandy beaches. Picturesque mountains. Thriving business and culture. This community’s profusion of natural and human resources is unique and well recognized.

Alongside the dream, however, lives a more difficult reality in Orange County. Not far from spacious and opulent homes, families struggle to find shelter for the night. In the shadow of luxury spas, men and women can only hope for good health, with no insurance and nowhere to go for medical care. Amid bright-eyed scholars are thousands of children missing basic essentials like attending preschool, mastering language skills and eating regular meals. These disparities have deepened with a challenged economy and rising cost of living.

The Orange County we dream of is ours for the making. But first, we must understand and address these critical realities. This is the charge of We invite you to explore this site for eye-opening facts of life in our community today—and opportunities to pursue the dream of a more vibrant, prosperous community for everyone who calls Orange County home.

Research breaks it down.

Three cross-cutting issues greatly impact the long-term health of our community:

Together, we can build it up.

Community knowledge guides the ways we plan, act and give. No single individual or organization can do it alone. The Orange County Community Foundation invites you to get informed, be inspired and get involved!

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