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United Way is one of the best-known brands in U.S. philanthropy. The first United Way was founded in Denver in 1887 by a concerned citizen, a priest, two ministers and a rabbi who recognized the need for cooperative action to address their city’s social ills. 127 years later, 1,200 United Ways across the country continue to move the needle on the greatest challenges facing their communities.

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Salvador Martinez is ready to be a leader. The Anaheim High School junior has dodged gang life and avoided the temptations of drugs and alcohol. He knows the ramifications of poverty all too well, yet he is grateful for his parents’ sacrifice to carve out a better life for their three children. Living paycheck to paycheck, the Martinez family has relocated frequently, making home—and the sense of grounding and stability it can provide—a moving target.

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Older adults today are more visible, active and independent than any previous generation. Many are in better shape and embracing life in ways their parents and grandparents never imagined. But those are only the ones we see. There is another, often hidden, population of older adults who are hungry, homeless, neglected or living precariously without a safety net, right here in Orange County.

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Many low-income families lack basic access to healthy food options. For many Orange County commuters, stopping to buy a bottle of water or a snack from a convenience store is a time-saver. Yet for too many families living in low-income communities, the neighborhood convenience or liquor store is the closest thing to a grocery store they’ll find.

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It was only supposed to be temporary. Just a few months until they got back on their feet - and in the meantime, an extra pair of hands around the house would be a blessing. At least that was what Mildred initially thought when her son, his wife and their daughter came to live with her. But six months later, Mildred found herself a prisoner in her own home. 
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